🌿 Ramulus nematodes nimf 2-5 stage


Male and female

Nimfs 1-5 stage

Origin: Malaysia

Adaptation: arboreal

Humidity: 40-60%

Temperatures: 20-28° Celsius

Encloser: 40x40x60cm for a couple.

Light/heating: light is not needed.

Water: not needed, moist wil come from their food. For eggs to hatch put them on moist toilet paper but be carefull for mold as that can kill the nimph.

Life span: after hatching , females 18 months, males 7 months.

Growth rate: egg stage about 5 months 3 months to adult.

Adult size: male 10cm, females 15 cm

Adult colour: females range from brown to green, males are blue.

Food: leaves of bramble, raspberry, oak, rose. (Don’t get it from a garden shop or florist as those often are sprayed with pesticides and preservatives )

Cites: no

Difficulty 1-10: 3

*photo from google.

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