🐢 Macrochelys temminckii


Captive bred 2021 alligator snapping turtle (we know not a invert, but we did not see the need off making a seperate categorie for them)

*This is a turtle for experienced keepers only !

Origin:United States, from northern Florida to eastern Texas and as far north as Iowa

Adaptation: Aquatic , females do need land for there eggs.

Humidity: 100%

Temperatures: water 25-27° Celsius, air 24-26°c

Encloser: do not use substrade as it can be swallowed and cause healt issues.

Do use a lot off hiding places like driftwood, rocks (carefull in glass enclosers as these turtles are strong and could move them) and leaves or flooting plants as these solitery creatures are verry shy.

Size depanding on the size off the animal.

for now a tub off 60x40x10 is sufficient, but for a adult you need a big pond.

Light/heating: water needs to be atleast 25°c preferable with a warmer and cooler side.

Light is not needed.

Water: change about 50% off the water weekly even when using a good filter.

Lavarock will help break down amonia.

Life span: 20 to 150 years (Opinions differ about this)

Growth rate: slow

Adult size: 80-120 kg and a shell off about 70cm for a male , females 55 kg 28cm shell .

Adult colour: brown, because off there live style they often grow algea on there shell.

Food: tropical turtle pellet, but they will eat almost anything that swims in there mouth.

They can when verry hungry hunt down prey by chemical traces in the water.

Cites: no

Difficulty 1-10: 9

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