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🕷 Scolopendra Cingulata 5-6cm


Origin: Mediterranean
Adaptation: terrestrial semi fossorial
Humidity: 60-80%
Temperatures: 20-26° Celsius
Encloser: 45x45x60cm, keep a moist part in the encloser with some mos. (never wet as that is a main cause off deaths). but don’t dry it out completely either. and make sure there is enough substrate for digging. preferable a top opening as they are escape artists
Light/heating: light is not needed, a heat mat could be used on the side or back of the encloser. (put radiator foil behind it for isolation.)
Water: a shallow dish could be provided, but most moist will come from the pray. make sure they can not drown in it
Life span: 6 years.
Growth rate: medium-slow, 3 years to sexual maturity.
Adult size: 12 cm
Adult color: yellow brown with black banded.
Toxicity: venom can cause long lasting pain, itching and possibly headache .
Food: insects
Cites: no
Difficulty 1-10: 8

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Fossoreal, Terrestrial


12 cm


Brown, Olive, Red




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