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Terms and conditions

1.1 is owned by Robert Zyla.

Peppelstraat 35, 2971 BD, Bleskensgraaf ca.


To make our website work at its best we must ask you to accept cookies.


Your purchase will be sent when conditions allow it.

This usually happens between Monday and Wednesday if weather conditions are not too hot or cold.


You can also make the choice to collect your purchase on the pick-up address.


Some purchases might be delivered with a higher fee if you pay with Paypal.


Live arrival is not guaranteed. Shipping can take longer depending on the country.


Terrariums delivery can take up to 15 days.


 We do not take responsibility for courier and/or shipping delays and/or mistakes.


The customer has the right to withdraw his purchase ten days after the delivery without reason.
In this case the full delivery must be returned to on the following address:

Peppelstraat 35, 2971 BD, Bleskensgraaf ca.

The delivery must be returned in the same manner as received.
Especially alive animals needs to be packed safe.


After receiving delivery in good condition your payment will be returned to your bank account.


If the item is not the same as purchased then the costumer has the right to send the order back as stated in point 4.1 in these terms and conditions.


If there is a complaint, it is up to on how to respond to this either by refunds, offering a different item in same price or not accepting it.


If the item is not available, the customer will receive notification by phone or e-mail.

In this case the customer can choose between a refund or a different product of the same price.


fatbob’s exotics is not responsable for purchase of animals containing venom or toxins.


consequences of handling and/or caring for toxic or venomous animals is on your own risk.